Stealing Innocence

You layed your fingers on her, stole the innocence she held so tightly to. The facade of “love” you tried to drill into her adolescent mind. Not only did you treat her as an object for your misplaced emotions while she was only 13, so young and you, 25, not naive as she was. But you tore apart those 5 years with another and you stained what you had with the other by doing such a thing.
You layed your fingers on her, an act so selfish, unfathomable to even the worst of minds. You stole the happiness she felt, she is left remaining on empty, faking a smile, saying she is fine. You broke this poor girl, a million pieces, maybe even more, the pieces belonging to her. You lied to her, once again playing with her as if she were a child’s toy. You raped her, you took the light from her eyes.
You layed your fingers on her. And all she is now, a hollow shell of a girl once bright as the most vibrant of suns. I do not ask you apologize for this selfish act but rather you stay away. Stay away from her, but also her family of 6 others. The faces you see every time you show yours. The faces you lie to. The faces that have instilled trust into you. Just stay away and do that for the rest of your miserable life. Because a theif of emotion and innocence does not deserve a happy one. Are you pleased with the mark you made? Are you? Because I am not, and most of all neither is she.

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Who the hell invented the word “smexy” and what the fuck does the letter m in it even stand for



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Tiny dots on an endless timeline…

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30 years ago today, The Breakfast Club met for detention.

When Watching Porn And Someone Knocks On The Door

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